The Luxury Line

What Makes Us the Best Choice?

Custom Built for You

All of our whirlpools, air tubs, and combo tubs are built according to your exact design and desires. Choose from many available styles, colors, trims, and options. Design your very own custom tub the way you desire. No need to compromise on this purchase by having to buy from current suppliers' inventory. Our customers are never forced to accept prepackaged upgrades at high margins like our competition. And... we’ll have it ready for you in 2 weeks.

Highest Quality Construction

All Luxury Line baths use 100% virgin acrylic for its superb strength, color longevity, and heat retention. Add 3/4" non-flex OSB reinforced wood flooring, 1/2" rigid steel reinforcing rods in most upper bath surfaces, and patented long-lasting no leak, pressure gaskets that provide you many years of excellent service. We provide a standard 2 horsepower motor in all our whirlpools for better water circulation and velocity. None of our competitors include all of these features in their products, which we enthusiastically provide as standard in ours. Continual improvement in our manufacturing process will guarantee superior durability and trouble-free operation for many years to come. Each and every bath must pass a final and stringent test for quality control and leaks before being shipped.

Therapeutic Health Benefits

Hydrotherapy from Luxury Line baths improves circulation, stimulates nerve endings, and helps relax sore and tired muscles. Fully adjustable whirlpool jets supply a strong, yet gentle flow of water to the parts of your body that require soothing. These adjustable jets can be directed to your neck, back, feet, and other parts of your body. Your whirlpool bath will provide relaxation and help ease your aches and pains from today’s hectic world.

Longest Warranty Available

We have such high confidence in our bath tubs that we back them with one of the longest warranties in the industry. Lifetime warranties on both the tub shell and pumps/blowers and five years on the whirlpool and air bath components will guarantee you many years of problem free operations. Never will the Luxury Line compromise its high quality standards to save on the bottom line. Our manufacturing process is driven by quality and incorporates improvements based on our continual research and development efforts.

Made in America

Yes, Luxury Line baths are made right here in the USA. Our custom luxury baths are manufactured in Valdosta, GA continuing the American tradition of pride in manufacturing. Each bath delivers proven design, contemporary elegance, and unmatched dependability found only in American products. No need to buy your whirlpool, air tub or combo tub from foreign countries that sacrifice quality for higher profit margins. Every aspect of our tub manufacturing is controlled right here at our very own manufacturing facility. American ingenuity and pride is guaranteed!

Easy Installation Built-In

All Luxury Line baths are made for ultra easy installation. Each tub is securely packaged and then banded to a pallet to prevent shipping damage during delivery. Our baths come leveled for easy hookup by contractors and home remodelers. The tub bases are not made with wood that warps and decomposes over time, but from long lasting and strong fiberglass. Many models can have their pumps and blowers relocated to alternate positions for easy hookup to existing water and electric feeds. We also use standard 120-volt electric supplies for convenient installation with home wiring. Our long lasting no leak pressure gaskets also make connecting up to your water supply free of the many typical installation woes.


Easy Installation

Highest Quality

Longest Warranty

Made in The
United States