The Luxury Line

Build Your Custom Whirlpool

1. Determine Your Physical Requirements

This is your first step. What are the physical limitations of your new or remodeled bathroom? What are the bath's length, width, and depth requirements? Click here to take a look at the Luxury Line Quick Guide for each model's basic dimensions. From here you can examine the more detailed specifications for each Luxury Line tub model.

2. Select Your Whirlpool Bath Model

Once you know what bath will fit in your plans, it is now time to choose which Luxury Line model best fits your style preferences. Do you want a corner, oval, or rectangular model? Do you want one that can accommodate one or two persons? Would you like a model with a skirted access panel? Please look at our 56 various luxury models with each of their available sizes and options.

3. Decide on Your Whirlpool's Color

What color of whirlpool will best match your other plumbing fixtures or bathroom d├ęcor? Would you like a bold fashion color, special marble color, pleasant pastel or any of our 24 colors? If the color you are seeking is not displayed on our web site, please call us as we have access to all available acrylic colors to match your bathroom fixtures. Color samples can also be provided upon request.

4. Choose Your Optional Accessories

Here's where the fun begins. Now you can really get creative in building your very own custom luxury bath. Choose from our four major hydrotherapy options: Whirlpool massage system, air massage system, back massage system, or neck massage pillow for relieving the stresses and aches of everyday living. Add chrome, brushed nickel, bronze or polished brass finish trim to create a very distinctive appearance. Other popular options are water heater, lumbar jets, chromatherapy (mood) lights, aromatherapy, ozonator, heavy duty/bariatric, solo touch electronic controller, grab bars, faucets and hand showers.

5. Help

If you need any assistance, whether in choosing the right model or optional accessories, please call us at 800-930-0050 or email us for a prompt response from our experts. At The Luxury Line, our friendly personnel are there to help you before, during, and after the sale.


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