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Why should I install a whirlpool tub in my home?

There are many good reasons. Some of the most important are:

Media: Hydrotherapy has been proven to be one of the best and most effective forms of relief for certain medical conditions such as muscle and joint pain, back and neck aches, sprains, stiffness, and other minor injuries.

Stress Relief: Hydrotherapy massage is a fast and effective form of stress relief that is readily available for everyone in the family. The wide variety of jet options, lumbar massage system, neck massage pillow, and air massage system offer the ultimate flexibility in relief from stress and muscle stiffness.

Resale Value: Studies have shown that a bathroom remodeling project that features the addition of an acrylic whirlpool bath can increase the resale value of your existing home by as much as $15,000 to $ 20,000. Luxury bathroom options are a highly valued feature in today's housing market.

Are whirlpool bathtubs safe?

Yes. They are every bit as safe as your standard bathtub or shower. Unlike outdoor spas or hot tubs (which are similar to swimming pools), your indoor whirlpool bathtub is emptied after each use. There are no chemicals or stored water involved. The entire unit, as well as each of the components used in the production of it, is NAHB tested and UL approved. Your Luxury Line Whirlpool meets all national and local codes.

Do I have room to install one in my bathroom?

Luxury Line offers 56 different shapes and sizes of acrylic whirlpool baths. They are available in sizes ranging from 32" x 60" to fit into an existing alcove to a luxurious deck mounted 80" x 62" and all sizes in between. There are models with integral acrylic skirts and flanges. There are also sizes that will fit into any corner. Also, just like a standard bathtub, they can be used with or without a shower. All of the plumbing (including the pump and optional upgrades) are installed under and within the parameter of the tub so no remote component installations are necessary.

Are they hard to install?

Luxury Line Tubs are, by far, the easiest unit in the industry to install. They are manufactured with their own pre-leveled installation base to sit directly on the floor. No need to shim, level, or set in mortar. All of the power components (pump motor, heater, optional on/off switch) are supplied with a cord and plug. No need to wire - simply plug into a wall outlet. All whirlpool baths run on standard 110-volt power. There are no special electrical requirements. Nor are there any additional plumbing needs.
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