The Luxury Line

Custom Whirlpools Designed by You for You

Premium Quality Construction:

  • Extra heavy acrylic for strength and durability.
  • Floor construction - 3/4" non-flex OSB reinforced wood.
  • Larger decks reinforced with 1/2" rigid steel rod.
  • Rigid schedule 40 PVC piping.
  • Pre-leveled installation base.
  • No installation mortar required.
  • Premium resin reinforcement, no shrink or warp.
  • Easy install available with multiple pump locations.

Standard Features:

  • Extra deep tub in all models.
  • Lumbar support molded in every tub.
  • Designer textured tub bottom.
  • Pillows on all oval and rectangular models.
  • Color matched trim on standard colors.
  • Lifetime tub sheet and pump warranty.
  • 2HP Pump Motor - Whirlpool
  • Eight large jets adjustable for waterflow, air flow, and direction - Whirlpool.
  • Dual air volume controls within easy reach - Whirlpool.
  • Pneumatic on/off air switch - Whirlpool.
  • 2 HP Blower/600 watt ceramic air heaters - Air Tub.
  • Touch control pad - Air Tub.
  • Sixteen micro jets - Air Tub.
  • Auto purge system - Air Tub.

Options for Your Custom Whirlpool:

  • Heavy duty / Bariatric.
  • Hydrotherapy 8 jet back massage system.
  • Hydrotherapy neck massage pillow.
  • Multiple lumbar jet packages.
  • Additional jets available.
  • Pump upgrades.
  • Variable speed motors.
  • Water heaters.
  • Electronic solo touch controls with timer and low water shutdown.
  • Mountain Air controls.
  • Chromatherapy (mood light).
  • Aromatherapy.
  • Ozonator.
  • Cable operated drains and overflow.
  • Deeper soak drains and overflow.
  • Maximum color selection in the industry.
  • Grab bars.
  • Metallic finish trim.
  • Attachable skirts.
  • Faucets and hand showers.

Easy Installation

Highest Quality

Longest Warranty

Made in The
United States